10 Awesome Tips to Double Your Social Media Followers in 1 Month

A few years back, social media marketing is nowhere. But with time, it has expanded its root in every section of online marketing. Hence, nowadays, having a social media strategy is essential to generate leads, increase web traffic and for branding.

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Though it has several benefits, people work without a proper strategy which limits their follower’s list and branding strategies, hence marketers must keep a sharp eye on all the activities. Understanding the immense need of growing social media presence, we have created a short guide for the small businesses and entrepreneurs to gather details on how to double the social media followers in just one month.

How to Build Strong Connection

Strategy starts with retaining the connected followers. Make your audience stick to your page and engage them by making a strong and reliable connection. Here are some tips that can help you-

  1. Connect With People Daily

People joined your social media pages for a purpose; they what to know more about your services and products. Not staying in touch with them will create a wrong impression of your organization. Social media platforms act as client servicing tools; you can engage with your customers, resolve their queries and educate them. Good customer retention is necessary to increase your followers. Hence, take out a few hours to connect with your customers on daily basis.

  1. Analyse the Growth of Posts

It is utmost necessary to check how your content is performing on social platforms. Make note on what’s trending and what your customers like. You can use social media analytic tools as well to check the stats. There are some important things that should be implemented to create quality social media posts; we will talk about it further.

Also, focus on the post timing and gather details which are the best time to engage with your audience. Scheduling the post on the specified timing when the engagement rate is high will decrease your efforts.

If you are unable to engage your followers then they will take a back step from your services.

  1. Use Social Media Tools

We understand that catering several responsibilities is a tiresome task and it may lead to less social media engagement and posts. You can take help of social media tools in order to keep the consistency in your posting.

Before selecting a tool, it is advisable to figure out which social networking platform works best for your brand and choose the best tools accordingly.

Trending Tools for Scheduling Social Media Posts-

  • HootSuite & Buffer- Tools for simplifying the social media posting.
  • EveryPost- Curate content and schedule customised posts on social channels.
  • AgoraPlus- Best tool to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • CrowdBooster- It’s a social media analytic tool that helps to optimize your social media marketing.
  1. Follow Competitors

Follow your competitors and try to know their social media promotion strategies. Analyse those strategies and come up with something unique and more engaging.

You must be aware of USP (Unique Selling Proposition), it works for every brand. Display the uniqueness of the product/ services in promotion as well and make

While working on social platforms, it is necessary to think smartly rather that shooting in the dark.

  1. Instant Respond

Respond to customer’s queries as soon as possible. Customers often take help of social platforms to get solutions and leaving their comments and messages unattended give a wrong impression about your organisation.

Keep tracking your social channels and stay connected with your customers.

  1. Paid Promotion

Start implementing paid advertisement time to time. Popular social networking sites are offering paid services to increase online presence of your page. It will help in growing the followers and likes.

Yeah, I know what’s you are struggling with, budget right? Start with a small amount. Paid advertisements are not always necessary but they help in increasing followers.

How to Write Social Media Posts

It is important to make your social media posts impressive enough to grab attention of new followers. Here are a few tips to make your social media posts more appealing-

  1. Write Impressive & Concise

Try to make your posts short and attractive rather than beating around the bushes.

As a social media marketer, it can be a bit tricky for you to manage the writing part. But trust us; creating creative content is difficult but not a rocket science that you can’t learn.

Write to the point and straight with your writing while managing social media posts.

  1. Elaborate With Images & Stats

Plain text is neither appealing nor engaging. Visuals boost the value of your post and transmitted the information in an understandable form.

I remember my school days; student’s most hated subject is History. If I am right, many of you have also picked your history books in exams only, just to get a good score.

Social Media users are smarter enough to skip the simple words; they believe in actual data and stats.

  1. Include Videos

Videos are trending and using them to enhance engagement is the best option. According to stats, 90% users concluded that videos are helpful in making a right decision which implies that videos have a capacity to increase the conversion rate as well.

  1. Add Emotions

Displaying emotions is the best way to establish a strong connection with your readers. Create social media posts by adding humour, suspense, laughter and more. But always avoid repeating same type of posts; it makes the page monotonous and boring. Create viral content that people love to share. Take help of creative writer to create thoughtful and unique posts.

Implementing these tips will definitely double up your followers and make your brand trustworthy. If you like these amazing tips then do comment and share the article.

Conclusion– Day-by-Day, social media marketing is growing drastically. Hence, marketers have to think strategically. These useful social media marketing tips help in branding and increase your follower’s list.